Happy Galentine’s Day!


Instead of ranting and raving against Valentine’s Day, I thought I would celebrate Galentine’s instead.  On Valentine’s Day, you take a special moment to appreciate your significant other.  On Galentine’s Day, you take a special moment to appreciate your best friends.  I really like this idea because there isn’t another day set aside for this, and where would we be without our good friends?

This past year for me has been one of many challenges.  Among other things, I went through a major break up and the grieving process was traumatic.  If not for my girlfriends, I don’t know what I would have done.  Looking back, it is truly a blessing in my life to be surrounded by these awesome, powerful, wonderful, women (and men, looking at you HA and SG).  It is inspiring.  I encourage you to take time today to thank your core friends, even if it is just a text message.  It is truly rare in life to find a friend that would be there for you through anything (and pick up the pieces at the end). Happy Galentine’s Day!