Dates! With men with Jobs!

She pulled off this look.

Photo: How I feel on the inside

The dates that I have had so far have actually been really great.  I made plans to meet up with this guy on Thursday night.  We will call him Mr. Thursday night.

Mr. Thursday Night

We met at a fancy restaurant and sat at the bar.  We had some good conversation and I thought that it went really well, but he didn’t kiss me at the end of the night.  He did mention that he has a set of dating rules and one of them was not kissing on the first date.  I thought he just told me that to put me at ease.  He wasn’t.  Also, he said a few things that put me off.   We were talking about working out after the New Year and I said that I should probably work out more, just to get toned or whatever.  He was like “well, I like feminine women so you don’t need to work out.”  It just hit me the wrong way.  I mean I feel like everyone should try to exercise, at least a little.  I mean upper body strength can come in handy!

The other weird thing that he said was that he likes it when girls paint their nails and he noticed mine in one of my pictures.  I was thinking to myself, I do that for myself. It’s the same reason why I put on makeup.  It’s not for boys.  I think he was also put off that I don’t want to have kids soon.  He said that he almost passed over my profile because I chose I want kids “someday” and not “definitely” in one of the drop down menus.  My first thought was like; well it takes two people to make a baby, so I am lacking a critical ingredient over here.  Also, I haven’t reached a point in my career where I would plan to have kids. I think that I’m not really the lady for him.  It almost seems that this is a red flag that he wants a Stepford wife. However, it did still end up being a good date.  He was easy to talk to and did his part to keep the conversation going.  Looking back, we just didn’t have a lot in common.  But I was really feeling the date while I was on it.

Mr. Friday Night

Then there was Mr. Friday Night. We met at a cool, new restaurant/bar (which means he received bonus points).  We only had an hour to meet (because you should have an established escape plan just in case the date goes south), but it went by so quickly! He is really smart and funny.  Also he is super cute.

With what little game I have, I wrangled a second date.  He said I lost major points for not being able to sit through The Life Aquatic.  So I was like, “well I guess we will have to go out again so I can earn all these points back.”  He was impressed, as should you be because that is about all the game that I have. Right there.  In that one sentence.

We ended up having a second date.  He called me that Sunday and asked if I wanted to go to the beach with him. I broke two of my rules by saying yes.  He picked me up so he now knows where I live, and I got into his car.  Before you freak out on me, I did leave my friend a voicemail.  It went something like this “I am going to the So and So beach with Mr. Friday night.  He also knows insert mutual friend. That is your lead to the police if you do not hear from me again today. Also I will text you what kind of car he drives if I can do it without him noticing.”

It ended up being a great date.  We walked on the beach for a while and he showed me a couple of his favorite views. It was just a lot of fun.  We have a lot in common like the same views and morals; and we laughed the whole time.  Basically it was awesome! I bet you are wondering if I see Mr. Friday Night again.  Me too!