Mr. Tuesday Night

stay away

By the way, it is super convenient for all these aliases that I keep going out with guys on different days of the week. Anyhoo, Mr. Tuesday Night was alright.  I had him pick a place (mainly because most guys pay the first date and I didn’t want to pick something out of the price range) and he picked a bar I used to go to a lot in college, but have not frequented since.  He was all about it and I was just kind of like “of all the places” because there are a TON of awesome bars and restaurants in my town. And this was just not one of them.

So the date in and of itself was okay.  There was nothing spectacular going on.  Also, he asked me out on a date right after work, and I did not wear anything remotely cute to work.  I told him I had to change before we met and I gave him a time frame, then texted him when I was close.  Later on in the date he told me that he sat in his car for 15 minutes until I texted him I was there!  I don’t understand why he couldn’t just go ahead and get a drink at the bar.  I think it’s kind of weird that he just hung out in his car.  I mean the Apple store is right across the street!

The other thing that kind of bothered me is that Mr. Tuesday brought up sex in a rather abstract way.  It wasn’t a big deal, but it caught me off guard because I had never met him in real life until that afternoon.  But whatever, some people get nervous and say things just to have something to say.

So during the date Mr. Friday Night texts me that he wants to hang out and while Mr. T was in the little boys room I made plans (this is important later).

So he walks me to my car.  I go in for a hug.  He goes in for a kiss.  Awkward!  I play it off and go on my merry way to see Mr. Friday Night.

I decided within the next two days that Mr. Tuesday is not that bad.  The conversation was good and he is pretty cute.  I texted him a couple of days later to tell him that I had a nice time.   He said that he was surprised to hear from me.  I was like “ok, I didn’t think it was that bad” and I asked him what he meant.  Apparently, the walk back to my car was awkward (I guess I was quiet because I knew I was on my way to see Mr. Friday). And that ladies and gentlemen is where it got weird.  Below are the snapshots from my phone.



I know at this point you are thinking to yourself “What the hell?  Why is she still talking to him?”  And all I can say is that I was just trying to end the conversation without being direct.  Sometimes being Southern, and holding social graces highly, doesn’t work in the real world.  I promise you lesson learned.



Needless to say this marks the end of my contact with him. Period.

girl and dolphin 2

This is kind of how I felt during the exchange