Online dating. There are many opinions about it and there are just as many different reasons why people decide to try it.

I made the decision to try it for the New Year because a friend made a comment to me that I don’t seem “open” when I meet guys.  We were having a good, long talk and she said that when she was back on the dating scene it was a problem for her too.  I thought maybe online dating would give me some practice.

It is really hard to find single men that have jobs here.  It is rather embarrassing to hit on a guy who has a fiancé and it sucks when the only guy who has made any moves in the last 6 months is only trying to get in your pants.

Gay Bar realization

The first thing I did is some research on the available options (I love research!). I have provided the links for the sites that I found most helpful, just in case you are thinking of taking the flying leap with me.

I wanted the right fit.  I am not trying to find my future husband or anything; I just want to meet eligible men (that have jobs).   There are a lot of sites out there.  They each have something different to offer.  I have provided a link to a pretty good break down of the most popular ones that I used to make my decision.  I chose a paid site to hopefully cut down on the loony tunes.  I also wanted a site that seemed geared towards dating, not getting married.

After choosing a site, the next step is constructing your profile.  That took a lot of time, but it is worth it.  This is where you give men an idea of who you are and what you are looking for.  For example, I do not want to date a guy with kids or who smokes.  The other important part of the profile is the pictures. I called up my one, straight, guy friend to help choose the pictures for my profile based on advice from one of the blogs listed below.  You also need to make sure that you are using current photos.  If you have a little bit of weight you want to lose or you wish you were more toned, it doesn’t matter.   Use a current photo.  A lot of people lie online, but you don’t want to be one of them on a dating site.

The 10 Best Things GIRLS Have Ever Said

After that the only other piece of advice that I can give you is to create a new email just for your online dating. You will be emailed at least three times a day with either your daily matches, a personal email from a guy whose screen name is Whisper420, or updates on who has viewed your profile.

Helpful Sites:

Consumer Rankings of Dating Sites

Oprah’s Online Dating Tips

Advice on Creating a Good Profile

Creating a Good Profile From a Guy’s Perspective

I will update this blog if anything noteworthy or funny happens!

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